Representative Clients that have attended our programs and or sought our counsel:

MITRE (Homeland Security)
Lush Cosmetics
United States Army
Bonneville Power Administration
Whirlpool Corporation
Pitney Bowes
Alaska Airlines

Our consultants have worked for leading management consulting firms giving them a depth and breadth of scope with the entrepreneurial zeal you need to stay ahead in today's volatile business climate where leaders have to treat employees like customers and customer's like game changers. 

Todays’ hypercompetitive business environment demands leaders do more than just lead. Employees and customers expect more. And savvy competitors now topple long held industry assumptions of too big to fails with increasing rapidity. To achieve agility, adaptability and alignment, companies need to alter their current models to cut fat and boost growth and innovation, they need to prepare for new sources of competition moving at the speed of thought. They must create fluid and cost effective teams that find ways to achieve competitive advantage. And they must engage employees as customers and they must make gains in sustainability.

Since 1987 we have enabled organizations to build leaders who seek to achieve dominance in their leaders by emboldening trust in their employees and customers. We invite you to schedule a speech or presentation.  Learn more. Go>

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