82 percent of CEOs expect that customers will demand a better understanding of their needs

Customer Engagement

Representative Clients that have attended our programs and or sought our counsel:

MITRE (Homeland Security)
Lush Cosmetics
United States Army
Bonneville Power Administration
Whirlpool Corporation
Pitney Bowes
Alaska Airlines


Customers have never had so much information or so many options. Getting connected to customers is your highest priority to better predict and provide customers with what they really want.

Rethink customer relationships

Customers keep getting connected—but are they connecting with you? In a dynamic and more complex environment, more enterprises feel customers pulling away instead of getting closer, as new social networking channels capture a greater share of customer attention.

In our conversations with leaders, we sensed more commitment than ever to taking personal responsibility for being customer driven. In order for customer needs to be met the corollary is that employees must feel their needs are met. Our customer service focus on two projects: Employee engagement and customer engagement. Neither exist without the other. Both can create competitive advantage. 

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